One Illuminates™ was conceived to produce world-class LED lighting systems from the ground up.

We are proudly launching our own perfectly integrated Linear, Recessed, Art Light and Outdoor lighting lines. In addition, we offer Restoration and Custom design/build services.

One Illuminates’ product lines match seamlessly in color temperature, offer the highest CRI values, and share a design aesthetic and level of craft across all lines. We are the only single-source lighting manufacturer that can provide a matched-set of products for every interior and exterior application.

Our Linear Line allows clients to select lighting packages “by look.” Customizing each look to your needs is a few clicks away on our website. Each package offers multiple color temperature options as well as tunable-white, circadian rhythm, dim-to-warm and RGB/RGBW options.

Our Recessed Line is truly a revolutionary downlighting system, featuring the smallest adjustable IC housing on the market. Our patent-pending Adjustment System and field-swappable Modular Component System are unmatched. Our Modular Trim System allows further flexibility with glare-free viewing angles. 

Our Art Light Series is in a class by itself and entirely bespoke. We feature proprietary LED illumination with exceptional color rendition and optimized beam spread. Our Art Lights are line-voltage and require no drivers. 

Our Custom Lighting approach combines old-world handcraft with state-of-the-art technology; integrating Art, Design, Science and Nature. Installations range from traditional chandeliers and restorations to interactive, kinetic and modular custom installations.
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