Nathan Orsman ONE ILLUMINATES.jpg

Nathan Orsman, Founder and CEO of award-winning Orsman Design, is the industry’s leading contemporary interior and exterior lighting designer.

“The inspiration to design this collection came after years of struggling to find quality lighting fixtures that met my clients’ needs. I constantly searched for options that offered seamless light quality, beam control and perfect color temperature as well as the level of aesthetic and craft my clients and I expect.”

The result is ONE ILLUMINATES™, A Curated Collection of linear, recessed and outdoor LED fixtures, as well as a line of beautifully crafted decorative picture lights.

Our collection allows clients to illuminate every aspect of their interior, exterior and grounds with fixtures that match precisely in color temperature, light quality and design aesthetic.

Our strict design and functional criteria allow you to confidently select a range of products from our line knowing that all components will seamlessly integrate with one another.

In addition, we offer a completely custom, bespoke service. We bring together the world's finest craftspeople and materials to create truly one-of-a-kind installations that are works of art themselves. The only limit is our client's imagination.

Our products are fully UL and CE compliant.